Saturday, July 5, 2008


Masseh has been home from the hospital for a week and a half. Unfortunately she was only home for 24 hours before she started throwing up, having diarhea and had a fever. We were very scared that she had another infection and would have to be hospitalized. They did some testing and decided it was probably just a stomach virus. Poor girl cannot catch a break with her health. She has fully recovered and I believe we haven't had throw up for at least 4 days. We do, however, change sheets and clothes multiple times a day due to the antibiotic and skinny legs that don't fill out a diaper very well. We were grateful that Kaya didn't catch it although there was an unfortunate nursery incident at church involving throw up on the nursery leader. She did seem to feel great after that though. Masseh is doing better every day and is now laughing and dancing to music. She is very attached to me, a little too much as she screams when I put her down or Derrick takes her away. She's just trying to figure out her life and wants to know that mom will be there for her. Her leg is still very swollen and she still can't walk although she moves it much more. She wants to get up and go and it is frustrating to her that she can't. We love having Masseh at home and love to watch her and Kaya interact with eachother. It felt like such a long process to get her and yet here she is. We are so grateful. She is so easy to love!