Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Court Date

We finally got our court date. It is for May 19th. We will leave on the 15th and then Patty and I will come back on the 23rd. Derrick will stay in Uganda until everything is finished. We booked our tickets today so now we just have all the last minute packing, planning, etc. to do.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


We decided to create this blog to chronicle our trip to Uganda to adopt our daughter Masseh. We are working with Orphan Children Fund to gain legal guardianship of of her. She is 15 months old and lives in a little village outside of Kampala. Though I'm not usually into the blogging thing, I think it will be a nice way for family to keep track of what is going on while we are gone. We are currently waiting for our court date and should be traveling sometime in May. They are telling us it should only take a couple of weeks in Uganda but from other people's experiences we are anticipating at least 3 or more weeks at best. We will hopefully know in the next day or so when we are leaving.